Monday, June 7, 2010

More forum posting jobs.

Below is a screenshot that I have captured regarding the availability of forum posting jobs in a freelancers marketplace. One of my blogging trainees Mr.Rajagopalan has sent me this link. For your information, he has not attended the forum posting training session.

I have provided this marketplace's URL to the those who have learnt the skill from me. May I know how many of you have noticed this?

Below is another freelance work opportunity that I saw in the same online marketplace.
I quote:
"This is easy money that can be guaranteed for your every single month as long as you can read and follow directions.

All you have to do is follow a detailed PDF file with instructions on where and how to insert backlinks. I will give you the URL and anchor text and you just have to go through the list.

when you are finished I will simply require an excel file with the public URL to the backlink and a section to list if any sites were broken or did not work or were not accepting registrations at the time.

I've been doing this myself but I have other things I need to focus on more.

The list varies from 50-80.

Lowest bid that can communicate well and seems like an honest guy will get the long term project. If the bids are any higher than $10.00 a month I will probably just do it myself because, like I said, this is very easy work and doesn't take that long at all."

I have made this blog post to motivate you to learn the work quickly and start earning. I will be sad if you are not using the skill learnt.

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  1. It is really a motivating post. Let me try my best. Thanks for your guidance. Have a great day!