Friday, June 11, 2010

Get paid to comment on blogs.

How much can one get for blog commenting?
In my experience, I earned better than forum posting. It can vary from $0.25 to $1 per comment. Though, the rate has gone down in DP forums, I have seen some Indian SEO companies charge as high as $1.85 per comment.

Tips for blog commenting jobs:
* It is a monotonous job. Don't take too much than you can chew.
* Give yourself a break every now and then.
* Compile your own list of high PR 'Do Follow' forums.
* Buy or find a list of 'auto approved do follow' forums. Without your own resources, you won't make a penny.
* When you're quoting to the client how long it'll take to complete, add an extra day or two on top just in case. If you happen to finish early, then you leave a good impression as someone who delivers not only on time, but way before.

I am selling a big list of 'do follow' blogs. My list contains 5000 do follow blogs. I am giving it away for Rs.1000 only. Elsewhere in the Internet, it is sold for $80 to $140