Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bloggers wanted.Get paid to blog.

At a rough estimate, there are about 375 bloggers in India who earn a full time income by blogging.

As probloggers, they get paid to write blog posts for several blog marketing companies that hire bloggers.

In addition, probloggers earn money from other ways that include:
* Renting space in their blogs for advertisers
* Affiliate marketing
* CPA participation
* PPC advertising that pay for every click on the ads

Now, the question is, who hires bloggers?
There are plenty. I have prepared a list of sites that hire freelance bloggers.

I have been working for several companies on the list. All are free to join and stay free as long as you like. There is never any money asked from you.

Image courtesy: Daily Blog Tips

Mturk account suspension:What you can do?

I don't think you can convince Amazon to revive your suspended MTurk account because they are just interested in the welfare of workers. But you can still use the money you have earned which is actually credited to your Amazon account.

You can purchase anything in Amazon with your Amazon money. Try this website: