Thursday, June 3, 2010

How much you can earn with one blog?

I have been earning by blogging since 2005. I started with just one blog and now I have about 18 blogs and all are fetching money to me.

I am happy to be working from home.

First I started earning only from Google AdSense. Over the years, I have found various ways to earn by blogging.

I am giving below a short report on how much you can earn with just one blog provided you do the search engine optimization of your blog and promote your blog vigorously for 3 months.

All the estimated earnings are calculated on a conservative basis and this is the minimum you can earn. You can increase your earnings over and above my estimate and that depends on several parameters that include the topic of your blog, the content of your blog, keyword analysis and of course the traffic you receive.

Google AdSense: $15 per month
I arrived at this figure on an estimated 100 unique visitors per day. If the CTR is 3% and suppose the average click yields approximately 17 cents then…
3 clicks X 17 cents X 30 days=$15 per month

Sponsored posts: $20 per month
There are more than 30 companies that pay you to blog. But I arrived at this figure considering you work for just one company and they give you one blog post per week and it fetches you $5 per post.
$5 X 4 posts= $20 per month
Conditions: Your blog should have Google PR2 and above.

Text link ads: $15 per month
I know of 80 ad network and they usually pay $5 per month per link. Even if 3 companies approve your blog, you can earn $15 per month.
Conditions: Your blog should have Google PR3

Banner ads: $30 per month
Generally, a PR3 blogs commands a price of $30 per month per banner. There are more than 15 sources that give you this opportunity.
Cost per million (CPM): $36 per month
If your blog has Google PR3 and if it attracts 3000 unique visitors per month, you can earn a handsome amount of $36 per month. The average cost paid to you is $4 per 1000 impressions. There are 50 CPM ad network. If just 3 applications from your blog is successful, then 3 X 12 = $36

Total expected earnings: $116 per month

Earning through affiliate marketing is another potential avenue to monetize your blog. The income through this method cannot be estimated. But it can surpass all the above earning expectation.

To achieve the above result, your blog should be on your own domain and it should be preferably built using wordpress platform.

The earnings estimate is not typical and can vary either way.

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