Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jobs you can perform very easily. Good pay.

Here are more jobs that you can perform very easily and earn money. These jobs are available in a new web site. Please email me if you are interested further.

Job type 1:
Amazon Reviewers Needed
You will earn $0.75
This task takes less than 5 minutes to finish

What is expected from workers?
* Need individuals with Amazon accounts in good standing.
* Must use "real name verification" upon review.
* Each review should be at LEAST 100 words.
* ONE REVIEW per account!
* You'll rate the product between a 3 to 5 star.
* The feedback should be positive and REALISTIC.
* You should write as if you are the CUSTOMER and you've used this product.
* Need 30 reviews of a specific product from 30 different people.

Will pay $0.75 per individual account. Each person's Amazon account must have a unique email, real name, address, and unique credit card number.


Job Type 2:
Forum Post 1x
What is expected from workers?
1. Visit http://bit.ly/cA71fX and take a look around
2. Visit ppc,ppv,SEO, any markring related forums or blog
3. Write 1 small paragraph promoting link and acting as if your'e a happy customer including a link to the http://bit.ly/cA71fX site

Job Type 3:
Comment on other PR2+ blogs: Comment 3x
What is expected from workers?
1. Visit and read this web site http://bit.ly/success-on-ebay-now

2. Search for blogs or a web sites that are relevant to ebay selling and money making ideas.

3. The blog or website's page rank must be +2, you can check your page rank here: www.prchecker.info

4. The comment title that you have to put is: "Success on ebay selling now"

5. The link that you have to put is: http://bit.ly/success-on-ebay-now

6. The comment must be in a good English and must be relevant to the Article Blog and should not look like spam.
7. Do not comment on blogs where comments are moderated. Do not take this job if your comment cannot be seen.

8. Only relevant comment posts will be paid and the link must be click-able

Job Type 4:
You will earn $0.10
This task takes less than 3 minutes to finish
What is expected from workers?

1. Go to http://tinyurl.com/29lcfqf
2. In the right-hand corner you will see a social button, hover over it to enlarge it, and then click on the stumbleupon button.
3. For categories put: Investing, Business, Stocks

Required proof that task was finished?
Stumbleupon username

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