Friday, June 11, 2010

Get paid to comment on blogs.

How much can one get for blog commenting?
In my experience, I earned better than forum posting. It can vary from $0.25 to $1 per comment. Though, the rate has gone down in DP forums, I have seen some Indian SEO companies charge as high as $1.85 per comment.

Tips for blog commenting jobs:
* It is a monotonous job. Don't take too much than you can chew.
* Give yourself a break every now and then.
* Compile your own list of high PR 'Do Follow' forums.
* Buy or find a list of 'auto approved do follow' forums. Without your own resources, you won't make a penny.
* When you're quoting to the client how long it'll take to complete, add an extra day or two on top just in case. If you happen to finish early, then you leave a good impression as someone who delivers not only on time, but way before.

I am selling a big list of 'do follow' blogs. My list contains 5000 do follow blogs. I am giving it away for Rs.1000 only. Elsewhere in the Internet, it is sold for $80 to $140

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Freelance Content Writers hired.

Openings for Freelance Content Writers to work from home. I have been frequently telling my blogging trainees, that the future for bloggers and article writers is very rosy. Working from using your computer and the Internet is a blessed life.

Here is one proof for my prediction.

Job Description
* Articles of 250 words to 500 words required.
* You shall be given a website URL, based on which, you have to write appropriate content.
* Obviously, original content is required and it should pass Copyscape.
* No keyword stuffing.

Desired Profile
No educational qualifications required.
However, should be able to write grammatically correct English.
Should be able to write American English as well as British English.

Who hires for whom? has been given the mandate to pre-qualify & select content writers by an overseas firm.

You would be working from home at your own pace, based on predefined work schedule. Yes, this is a Freelance Job for Content Writing.

* Email your profile with sample articles & references.
* Subject of your email should be: “Freelance Content Writer – 27th May 2010″
* Also, include the rates that you would charge on per word basis or on hourly basis in currency of your choice.

* You should be able to prove that you have written professionally before.
* If you do not have valid references then, you would be given a test sample article to write.
* Only those candidates would be selected who can write grammatically correct English.

The email ID to send above mentioned details is jobs AT

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Freelance SEO jobs in India.

These are freelance jobs for SEO professionals. Visit Freelance SEO Jobs: for more details.

If you know link building, you can apply for several openings. Click on the image below for a larger view.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jobs you can perform very easily. Good pay.

Here are more jobs that you can perform very easily and earn money. These jobs are available in a new web site. Please email me if you are interested further.

Job type 1:
Amazon Reviewers Needed
You will earn $0.75
This task takes less than 5 minutes to finish

What is expected from workers?
* Need individuals with Amazon accounts in good standing.
* Must use "real name verification" upon review.
* Each review should be at LEAST 100 words.
* ONE REVIEW per account!
* You'll rate the product between a 3 to 5 star.
* The feedback should be positive and REALISTIC.
* You should write as if you are the CUSTOMER and you've used this product.
* Need 30 reviews of a specific product from 30 different people.

Will pay $0.75 per individual account. Each person's Amazon account must have a unique email, real name, address, and unique credit card number.


Job Type 2:
Forum Post 1x
What is expected from workers?
1. Visit and take a look around
2. Visit ppc,ppv,SEO, any markring related forums or blog
3. Write 1 small paragraph promoting link and acting as if your'e a happy customer including a link to the site

Job Type 3:
Comment on other PR2+ blogs: Comment 3x
What is expected from workers?
1. Visit and read this web site

2. Search for blogs or a web sites that are relevant to ebay selling and money making ideas.

3. The blog or website's page rank must be +2, you can check your page rank here:

4. The comment title that you have to put is: "Success on ebay selling now"

5. The link that you have to put is:

6. The comment must be in a good English and must be relevant to the Article Blog and should not look like spam.
7. Do not comment on blogs where comments are moderated. Do not take this job if your comment cannot be seen.

8. Only relevant comment posts will be paid and the link must be click-able

Job Type 4:
You will earn $0.10
This task takes less than 3 minutes to finish
What is expected from workers?

1. Go to
2. In the right-hand corner you will see a social button, hover over it to enlarge it, and then click on the stumbleupon button.
3. For categories put: Investing, Business, Stocks

Required proof that task was finished?
Stumbleupon username

Monday, June 7, 2010

More forum posting jobs.

Below is a screenshot that I have captured regarding the availability of forum posting jobs in a freelancers marketplace. One of my blogging trainees Mr.Rajagopalan has sent me this link. For your information, he has not attended the forum posting training session.

I have provided this marketplace's URL to the those who have learnt the skill from me. May I know how many of you have noticed this?

Below is another freelance work opportunity that I saw in the same online marketplace.
I quote:
"This is easy money that can be guaranteed for your every single month as long as you can read and follow directions.

All you have to do is follow a detailed PDF file with instructions on where and how to insert backlinks. I will give you the URL and anchor text and you just have to go through the list.

when you are finished I will simply require an excel file with the public URL to the backlink and a section to list if any sites were broken or did not work or were not accepting registrations at the time.

I've been doing this myself but I have other things I need to focus on more.

The list varies from 50-80.

Lowest bid that can communicate well and seems like an honest guy will get the long term project. If the bids are any higher than $10.00 a month I will probably just do it myself because, like I said, this is very easy work and doesn't take that long at all."

I have made this blog post to motivate you to learn the work quickly and start earning. I will be sad if you are not using the skill learnt.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

How much you can earn with one blog?

I have been earning by blogging since 2005. I started with just one blog and now I have about 18 blogs and all are fetching money to me.

I am happy to be working from home.

First I started earning only from Google AdSense. Over the years, I have found various ways to earn by blogging.

I am giving below a short report on how much you can earn with just one blog provided you do the search engine optimization of your blog and promote your blog vigorously for 3 months.

All the estimated earnings are calculated on a conservative basis and this is the minimum you can earn. You can increase your earnings over and above my estimate and that depends on several parameters that include the topic of your blog, the content of your blog, keyword analysis and of course the traffic you receive.

Google AdSense: $15 per month
I arrived at this figure on an estimated 100 unique visitors per day. If the CTR is 3% and suppose the average click yields approximately 17 cents then…
3 clicks X 17 cents X 30 days=$15 per month

Sponsored posts: $20 per month
There are more than 30 companies that pay you to blog. But I arrived at this figure considering you work for just one company and they give you one blog post per week and it fetches you $5 per post.
$5 X 4 posts= $20 per month
Conditions: Your blog should have Google PR2 and above.

Text link ads: $15 per month
I know of 80 ad network and they usually pay $5 per month per link. Even if 3 companies approve your blog, you can earn $15 per month.
Conditions: Your blog should have Google PR3

Banner ads: $30 per month
Generally, a PR3 blogs commands a price of $30 per month per banner. There are more than 15 sources that give you this opportunity.
Cost per million (CPM): $36 per month
If your blog has Google PR3 and if it attracts 3000 unique visitors per month, you can earn a handsome amount of $36 per month. The average cost paid to you is $4 per 1000 impressions. There are 50 CPM ad network. If just 3 applications from your blog is successful, then 3 X 12 = $36

Total expected earnings: $116 per month

Earning through affiliate marketing is another potential avenue to monetize your blog. The income through this method cannot be estimated. But it can surpass all the above earning expectation.

To achieve the above result, your blog should be on your own domain and it should be preferably built using wordpress platform.

The earnings estimate is not typical and can vary either way.