Skills Training Programs.

Here are some of the non-technical skills that are in good demand in the Internet.
1. Forum Posting.
2. Directory submission
3. Blog Commenting
4. Social bookmarking
5. Link building
6. Signature marketing
7. Transcription work
8. Proof reading and Data entry
9. RSS Feed Submission
10. Press Release Distribution
11. Articles submission
12. Keyword research
Creative skills that can fetch you a better income:
  1. Web content writing
  2. Blogging
  3. Press release writing
  4. Copywriting (includes sales page writing, advertisement writing)
  5. Article writing
  6. Review writing
  7. Content development for search engines
  8. Answering question on myriad subjects
  9. Resume writing
  10. Letter writing
  11. Tutorial writing
  12. Poem writing
What do you require to do these jobs?
Apart from learning how to do these online jobs, you definitely need:
  • Computer with broadband Internet
  • Resources and tools required for these tasks
  • Knowledge about where to find work for these skills
  • Ability to organize your work and resources
  • Basic knowledge of Excel worksheet
  • Paypal account
How much can you earn?
Don’t expect to earn anything immediately. Once, you learn these skills, you need some practical experience. In addition, you must establish your credentials online as a dependable worker.
I would say you could earn anything from $150 to $500 per month starting from third month onwards. In some cases, the time taken to see the first dollar will be longer or even shorter.
The money and time mentioned above is just a rough estimate. Don’t get glued to it please. It is very important. Earnings are not typical.
What I would do for you?
I will teach you the skills required for:
1 Forum Posting
2 Directory Submission
3 Blog Commenting
4 Social Bookmarking
5 RSS Feed submission
6 Search Engine Submission
7 Link Building

These are very basic clerical skills that can be quickly mastered and put into use for financial gains.
I will give you all the resources I have.
I will demonstrate how to do the work
I will show you where to find work.
I will tell you how to get first credentials without much experience to show.
I will tell you how to maintain your work report.
Can you give me a name for this work at home business?
Yes, you will be learning 75% of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
What is the training duration?
Each module will take two to four hours, probably quicker.
First batch: 8 Am to 10 AM
Second Batch: 4 PM to 6 PM
How much it will be?
It will be Rs.1000 for each module per trainee.
If you want to learn all the 7 modules, it will be Rs. 6000.
Where it will be?
At my office located at:
F2, Ruby Enclave,
406, 18th Street,
Phone: 91 9600090096

If you are interested in learning other creative skills, I provide these:
  • Complete art of blogging
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Full Search Engine Optimization
  • Article writing
  • Integrated Internet Marketing
Please call me for custom training packages and free introductory session.

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