Sunday, September 22, 2013

Freelancers making big money in India.

Times of India finally acknowledged Indian freelancers role in Indian economy.

Times of India carried front page news about how Indians are earning full time income as freelancers working from their home. I am glad that the top newspaper in India finally gave credit to Indians who are bringing in U.S. dollars to India without going to the U.S.

One of the top freelancers’ marketplaces says it offers 400 free skill tests for freelancers which when passed enable them to make bids to thousands of online jobs ranging from software development, mobile applications, video game developments, web designing and article writing.

Rich Pearson, chief marketing officer at Elance, says, “India is ranked as our second highest freelance earning country last quarter with about one lakh freelancers and another one lakh Indians offering jobs.” He added that hiring of Indian freelancers was growing at 46% annually. claims Indians are among top freelance service providers, behind only those from the U.S.  Odesk is the second big marketplace for freelancers.  

I started offering training on various skills to Chennai based freelancers in 2008 in my Blogging Academy after 'The Hindu' published an interview of me. (Click on the image for a larger view.)

 Some of the skills that are in good demand are:
·         Article writing
·         Directory submissions
·         Signature marketing
·         Blogging
·         Social bookmarking
·         Infographic submission
·         Press release writing and submissions
·         Social media marketing
·         Web commenting
·         Link Building
·         Local SEO
·         Classified advertising (ad posting)
·         Review writing

Times of India made a mention of one Mr. Pankaj Sarma, a 30-year-old mass communication postgraduate from New Delhi who is earning about Rs 1 lakh monthly from content, advertising and script writing as well as internet marketing assignments.

Another freelancer from Chennai is named John Hingkung, a B.Com student at Loyola College, Chennai. He says he has been earning a stable income by doing search engine optimization (SEO), content writing and freelance writing assignments.

The high paying jobs are grabbed by technically qualified people while writers make a decent income per month. That leaves out those who are neither qualified technically nor has the writing skills. They can join thousands of Indian freelancers by doing simple clerical jobs online such as copy and paste work that include social bookmarking, directory submissions and infographic submissions.

Anyone from India, preferably from Chennai and other parts of Tamilnadu can contact me to learn any of the above mentioned skills to become a self employed Internet worker. My trainings are practical and include a list of places where there are jobs for the skills they have learnt.

For a preview of various online money earning opportunities as freelancers, please view the slide shows located below:



Friday, September 13, 2013

Wordpress training in Chennai.

The Indian social media marketing community along with newbie bloggers in India is slowly waking up to the versatile usage of Wordpress, the open source software in the web design industry. Though, there are thousands of blogs from India that are hosted on wordpress platform, the number is abysmally low when compared to the overall number of self hosted wordpress blogs.

Of late, even big names in the website developing field are simply switching over to wordpress platform to design the outdated static web sites. Wordpress can be used to create a full pledged website without really knowing any technical knowledge of web development.

In the last week or so, I received more than 7 inquiries regarding wordpress training in Chennai. Surprised by this sudden interest, I searched Google for the keywords, “Wordpress training Chennai”. The SERP did not direct me to more than one training institute that is offering wordpress blogging. The rest of the results clearly indicated that Google’s various updates in indexing algorithms are ineffective in providing quality content in the search results.

Though I have been teaching blogging in both wordpress and blogger platform since 2008, I never thought I should tap the wordpress training niche exclusively. Now it is my turn to wake up to the market demands and I going to launch a vigorous campaign to advertise my services as a wordpress trainer.

The following will be the topics in  Wordpress Blogging Training course:

1.      Domain selecting using in depth keyword analysis and competitors’ website ranking factors.
2.       Getting a domain free of cost for ever
3.      Wordpress Installation by both manual and automatic methods
4.      Assigning the domain to the CPanel
5.      Complete training to use the various functions of CPanel through video tutorial
6.      Basic settings configuration
7.      Important plugins
8.      Finding and uploading free premium WP themes
9.      Create a text post, modify, edit, schedule and publish
10.  Inserting an image and video inside the blog content
11.  Creating new pages
12.  Creating categories/menus
13.  Using widgets to display banners and earning money
14.  Google AdSense plugins explained
15.  Blog commenting and Comment Luv plugin explained
16.  Content curation and citing source
17.  Upgrading to new versions of WP, themes and plugins
18. Full exposure given to offsite SEO
19. An overview of social media marketing
20. Ways to earn money by blogging

In addition to the in-depth training, I am giving a readymade niche blog with premium theme and pre-populated content. This would be used from the beginning of the training and used as a live project.

Moreover, the training includes a WP video tutorial series totally free. You can refer to it anytime in future in case you have forgotten something.

Course Duration:
It will be a 20 hour class of two hours a day on alternate days.

Course fee:
Rs.10,500 to be paid fully at the time of joining

Would give a big list of sites that pay you to blog.

Mobile: 9600090096

Friday, July 20, 2012

Data Entry work in MTurk.

I learnt a lesson; instead of dissuading MTurk works from working for pennies, I am going to try to help them with their own passion.

MTurk workers in India are mainly interested in doing odd jobs that are purely clerical. They are not interested in earning better by doing creative or semi-technical tasks because they are not interested in learning a new skill.

Ok, so be it.

Data Entry work in MTurk.

 Doing data entry online seem to be the ultimate fascination for millions of freelancers in India. Still, they don't seem to find them because they have not learnt how and where to look for online data entry which is literally a 'copy and paste' work.

I came to know of a certain data entry task available in MTurk that involves the following work:
* Typing information that include name, title, company, address, email, website, etc from business cards.
* Resizing the image of the logo provide.

I am sure this HIT from MTurk won't pay more than 2 cents.

If you want to know how to find such data entry HITS in MTurk, you must send an email to me personally. I will not reply to comments.